Special Session on "Applied Mathematics and Information Management"


This special session focuses on Mathematical Modeling, Algorithm, Software and their applications in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, Transportation Engineering, Financial Engineering, Information Engineering, Decision Making, etc. The objective of this special session is to promote cross-disciplinary research in Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Science, System Science, Management Science, Economics and some other subjects.This special session will be held co-located and published together with the CiSE2009. All papers accepted will be indexed by Ei and ISTP.
Topics (But not limited to)
  • Mathematical Modeling Theory, Methods and Related Applications
  • Operation Research Theory, Methods and Related Applications
  • Optimization Theory and Algorithms
  • Combinatorial Optimization and Applications
  • Network Optimization Theory and Applications
  • Financial Engineering Theory and Applications
  • Transportation Engineering Theory and Applications
  • Vehicle Routing and Intelligence Algorithms Optimization
  • Supply Chain, Logistics and Operations Management
  • Machine Scheduling Problems
  • Emergency (Disruption) Management
  • Real-time Optimization
  • Statistical Analysis Modeling and Related Applications
  • Reliability and Error Analysis
From : CiSE Organizing Committee

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