Mao Zheng
University of Wisconsinę\La Crosse, USA
Title : Perspectives of Software Testing
Abstract :

Software is everywhere in our society and life, and we are increasingly dependent on it. This applies to all kinds of software: software in safety critical systems such as airplanes, in consumer products, in mobile phones, in telecom switches, in pace makers, in process control systems, in financial systems, in administration systems, etc. Consequently, the quality of software is an issue of increasing importance and a growing concern.

Systematic testing is one of the most important and widely used techniques to check the quality of software. Estimates are that testing consumes between 30-50% of the total development costs. The aim of this talk is to give perspectives of software testing, bring together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia to discuss the state of the art in theory, methods, tools, applications and industrialization of software testing, and to identify important open issues and challenges.

Biography :

Dr. Mao Zheng is a tenured  faculty member in the Department of Computer  Science  at  the  University  of  Wisconsinę\La  Crosse  in Wisconsin, USA. Her areas of research include Software Engineering, Software Testing and Formal Methods. Dr. Zheng has been actively serving in various IEEE international conferences and journals.  Dr. Zheng received her Ph.D. in Computer Science at Concordia University in Montreal Canada in 2002.

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