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Organizing Committee
General Chair  
Prof. Y.X. He
Wuhan University,  China
Technical Program Committee  
Prof. Glenn Stewart
Queensland University of Technology,  Australia
Prof. Mei Hong
Sichuan University,  China
Prof. Ping Wang
James Madison Universiy,  USA
Dr. NG Tek Ming
Republic Polytechnic,  Singapore
Dr. Mao Zheng
University of Wisconsinę\La Crosse,  USA
Prof. Robert D. Reid
James Madison University,  USA
Prof. Zhiguang Qin
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,  China
Prof. Vandeurzen Luc
International University College Leuven,  Belgium
Prof. Ning Xu
Wuhan University of Technology,  China
Prof. Junmin Ye
HuaZhong Normal University,  China
Prof. Jiayuan Yu
Nanjing Normal University,  China
Dr. Yuhua Li
University of Ulster,  UK
Prof. Renfa Li
Hunan University,  China
Prof. Junying Gan
Wuyi University,  China
Prof. C.X. Gao
Wuhan University,  China
Dr. Jim Gao
BitShield Corporation,  USA
Prof. Zhiyong Peng
Wuhan University,  China
Prof. Shi Ying
Wuhan University,  China

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