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The 2011 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering (CiSE 2011) will be held on December 9~11, 2011 in Wuhan, China. The purpose of this conference is to exchange experience and knowledge in regard to the theories, new developments and practical applications of computer intelligence and software engineering.
Artificial Intelligence
Automated Reasoning
Cognitive Science
Computational Chemistry
Computational Neuroscience
Computational physics
Numerical algorithms
Symbolic mathematics
Operating Systems
Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)
Real Time Control
Neural Networks and Applications
Natural Neural Systems
Neural Genetic Systems
Neural-Fuzzy Systems
Communication Networks and Protocols
Computer Graphics
Image Processing
Fuzzy Systems
Image Understanding
Pattern Recognition
Distributed and Parallel Computing
Cloud computing
Cluster Computing
Distributed computing
Grid computing
Parallel computing
Human-computer Interaction
Hardware Implementation
Evolvable Hardware
Machine Learning
Software Engineering
Project Management
Requirement Analysis
Software Standards and Design
Programming Methodology
Software Testing and Quality Control
Web-based Services
Software Maintenance
Simulation and Modeling

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