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Plenary Speakers Candidates
Boleslaw Szymanski
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Title : Computing with Highly Heterogeneous, Volatile and Potentially Malicious Hosts:Evolutionary Search for MilkyWay@home and DNA@home
Abstract : More>>
Punam Kumar Saha
University of Iowa, USA
Title : Novel Theories and Algorithms of Multi-Scale Quantitative Topo-Morphometry and Their Applications to Biomedical Imaging
Abstract : More>>
Qiang Song
RedPrairie, USA
Title : Lessons Learned and Challenges Encountered in Retail Sales Forecast
Abstract : More>>
Petukhov Alexande
University of Georgia, USA
Title : Using models of video sequences in digital film restoration algorithms
Abstract : More>>
Alexandru C Telea
University of Groningen, Netherlands
Title :
Abstract : More>>
Aaron Herbert Doering
University of Minnesota, USA
Title : DesigningforLearning:EngagingStudentsandTeachersfromtheArctictoAustraliaThroughAdventureLearning
Abstract : More>>
David Yang Gao
University of Ballarat, USA
Title :
Abstract : More>>
Jianxin Xu
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Title : Learning Theory in Computational Intelligence
Abstract : More>>
S.W. Cheung
The University of Hong Kong, China
Title :
Abstract : More>>
Hanqiu Sun
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Title :
Abstract : More>>
Hojjat Adeli
College of Engineering The Ohio State University, USA
Title :
Abstract : More>>
Xiuping Jia
The University of New South Wales, Australia
Title : Cluster-space class data modeling: adaptive and discrete
Abstract : More>>

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