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Proceeding Information

Artificial Intelligence
Prediction of Software Reliability Using Feed Forward Neural Networks
Yogesh Singh and Pradeep Kumar
Using Non-Symmetry and Anti-Packing Representation Model for Object Detection
Guangwei Wang and Chuanbo Chen
Study of the Battlefield Damage Repair Sequence Based on Bayesian Networks
Fei Liu, Jiangping Yang and Hanzhong Wang
The Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Cement Soil Based on PSO-SVM
Jiehao Wang, Yan Xing, Liuyong Cheng, Feihu Qin and Tianran Ma
Applying a Modified Particle Swarm Optimizer to Discrete Truss Topology Optimization
Bin Yang and Qilin Zhang
An Efficiently 3D Face Recognizing Method Using Range Image and Sparse Representation
Chao Zhang, Yanning Zhang, Zenggang Lin and Zhe Guo
Design of Target Recognition System Based on Machine Vision
Xiaomin Li, Ming Yin and Shuanghua Huang
Experimental Research on Impacts of Dimensionality on Clustering Algorithms
Hai-Dong Meng, Jin-Hui Ma and Guan-Dong Xu
Particle Swarm Optimization Combined with Molecular Force and Its Application for Parameter Estimation
Xing Xu, Bin Li and Yu Wu
Feature Extraction Based on Sparsity Embedding with Manifold Information for Face Recognition
Shi-Qiang Gao, Xiao-Yuan Jing, Chao Lan, Yong-Fang Yao and Zai-Juan Sui
Multi-View Sentence Ranking for Query-Biased Summarization
Po Hu, Tingting He and Hai Wang
A New Attribute Dependency Function in Information System
Guang-ming Lang and Qing-Guo Li
Artificial Neural Network Model Application on Long Term Water Level Predictions of South Florida Coastal Waters
Sudong Xu and Wenrui Huang
Prediction for Process Capability Index Based on Bayesian Framework LS-SVM
Shaoxiong Wu
A Simulation Study of Deep Belief Network Combined with the Self-Organizing Mechanism of Adaptive Resonance Theory
Yan Wu and H. J. Cai
An EAP_TTLS_SPEKEY Method for Single EAP_Based Auth Mode of IEEE 802.16e PKMv2
Yang Fan and Zhu Ping
Study on Heterogeneous Networks Integration Based on Cognitive Wireless Network
Long Tang, He-hua Chi and Jue-bo Wu
Study on Impact Factor of Sci-Tech Journal in China Using Genetic Programming
Yongxiang Zhao and Meifang Li
Sensitivity-Proof Content Advertising Based on Two-Stage Text Classification
Ge Peng, Sipei Liu and Jin Wang
The EM Algorithm for Generalized Exponential Mixture Model
Yueyang Teng and Tie Zhang
Research of Fire Detection Method Based on Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
Xiaojuan Chen and Leping Bu
The Software of Auto-Tuning Parameters of PID Controller Based on Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm
Jingzhou Fei, Xiuzhen Ma and Yong Shi
An Optimal Allocation Model for Interbasin Transfer Water Based on Water Rights
Li Wu and Jun-feng Tian
A New Method to Determine Evidence Distance
Chao Shi, Yongmei Cheng, Quan Pan and Yating Lu
Prediction of Protein®CProtein Interaction Sites Using Constructive Neural Network Ensemble
Yan-Ping Zhang, Li-Na Zhang and Yong-Cheng Wang
Sequential and Cooperative Distributed SA-Type Algorithms for Energy Optimization in Embedded Systems
Maha Idrissi Aouad, Lhassane Idoumghar, Ren®¶ Schott and Olivier Zendra
Mechanism Analysis of Smart Film for Crack Monitoring of Concrete Bridges
Yong Xu, Zhixiang Zhou and Benniu Zhang
The Metro Construction Drawings Recognition For Risk Identification
Lie-yun Ding, Hongliang Yu, Xianguo Wu and Ming-hui Yu
Soft Sensing of Polypropylene Melt Index Based on Improved RBF Network
Ling Yang, Jie Hao and Zhuojun Chen
Design and Implementation of a Path Finding Autonomous Robot System Using Multiple Sensors
Fan Wu, Miguel Cabral and Li Jiang
An Integrated Genetic Algorithm for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
Ming Wan, Xiaoguang Fan, Fengming Zhang and Chaohui Bai
A General Framework for Fuzzy Data Mining
Jitao Zhao and Lin Yao
On Engineering Challenges of Applying Relevance Feedback to Fingerprint Identification Systems
Mitchell Welch, Paul W. Kwan and A. S. M. Sajeev
Research on Method of Case Base Data Mining Learning Based on Rough Set
Jingwei Li and Dong Song
Point Pattern Matching for MRTD Biometric ID Systems Using Fingerprint
Chenghua Li, Xinfang Zhang, Wen Xiang and XingBo Peng
Research on Fuzzy Reasoning of Instruction Strategy in an Adaptive Learning Support System
Xin Li and Yongjun Jing
A New SVR Incremental Algorithm Based on Boundary Vector
Hongmin Xu, Ruopeng Wang and Kaiyi Wang
Analysis of Aerial Targets Threat Degree in Air Defense System
Jixin Duan, Yuan Zhang, Weijuan Ma, Xiaohui Zhang and Baizhan Yang
A Non Functional Properties Based Web Service Recommender System
Sunita Tiwari and Saroj Kaushik
System Identification and Application Based on Parameters Self-Adaptive SMO
Yongjie Zhai, Lin Liu and Qindao Li
A Hybrid Evolution Algorithm for VLSI Floorplanning
Jiarui Chen and Jianli Chen
Multi-Density Clustering Algorithm Based on Grid and Boundary
Yazhou Wang and Wei Wang
Error Analysis of L1-Regularized Support Vector Machine for b-Mixing Sequence
Juan Huang, Yi Tang and Yuan-yuan Wang
Singing Melody Extraction from Pop Songs Using a Novel Feature and Viterbi Search
Miao Li, Jin Li, Jiqing Han and Ziqiang Shi
An Attempt to Represent Rational Revision on Stable Sets
Jiahong Guo and Dongping Gao
The Influence of the Parameters on the Rhythm in Excitatory-Inhibitory Neural Network
Yan Liu, Hongfei Xiao, Liujun Chen and Jiawei Chen
An Improved Initialization Center Algorithm for K-Means Clustering
Baolin Yi, Haiquan Qiao, Fan Yang and Chenwei Xu
Improved PSO Algorithm Trained BP Neural Network: Application to Groundwater Table Prediction
Nanxiang Chen, Jihong Qu and Yuepeng Li
RBF Neural Network Using Improved Differential Evolution for Groundwater Table Prediction
Juan Zhou, Zhonghua Wen and Jihong Qu
Study of Making Model and Simulating for DC Motor Windings Based on ACA
Jinfeng Liu, Xudong Wang and Nan Jiang
A Novel Heuristic Text Classification Algorithm Based on Support Vector Machines
Henian Chen and Lili Yan
Forecast Modeling Establishing of Friction Welding Attachment Intensity Based on Compensatory Fuzzy Neural Network
Xin Yin and Yuan-peng Liu
Moving Target Classification in Video Sequences Based on Features Combination and SVM
Yinghui Kong and Lei Wang
Microwave Imaging Based on the AWE and HPSO Incorporated with the Information Obtained from Born Approximation
Guo-rong Huang, Wei-jun Zhong and Hua-wei Liu
Attribute Relative Sensitivity Analysis Based on Grey Relational Degree
Shuhua Mao and Xinping Xiao
Research on the Method of Tracking and Measuring Moving Object Based on Machine Vision
Ding-xuan Zhao and Yu-xin Cui
The Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on the Production Mode Effect of the Circular Economy in Coal Enterprise
Hai Tao Liu, Chuan Bo Hao, Yun Yan Peng and Xiao Ning Wang
A Parameters Selection Method of SVM
Deqi Kou, Yuan Zhang and Hanyue Zheng
Research on the Governance Effect of Board Size: An New Explanation from Performance Variability
Shengnan Li and Jianbo Niu
Residual Implication of Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Triangle Norm and Its Properties
Ke Qu, Lei Tang and Wenjing Rong
Innovative Teaching Reform of the Teaching Group of the Discipline of Mineral Processing Engineering in China University of Mining and Technology
Chen-long Duan, Yue-min Zhao, Ya-qun He and Cui-ling Ye
The Application of Text Mining Technology in Monitoring the Network Education Public Sentiment
Xiaomei Liu, Mingzhang Zuo and Lina Chen
A Multiple Faults Test Generation Algorithm Based on Neural Networks and Chaotic Searching for Digital Circuits
Ying Zhao and Yanjuan Li
Research into Application of Interactive Whiteboard to Interactive Educational Mode
Lingju Zeng, Mingzhang Zuo and Xiangli Lu
Forecasting Deformation Time Series of Surrounding Rock for Tunnel Using Gaussian Process
Guoshao Su, Yan Zhang, Guoshao Su and Guoqing Chen
Hysteretic Optimization for Protein Folding on the Lattice
Juan Zha, Guo-Qiang Zeng and Yong-Zai Lu
Study on Collaboration Mechanisms of Information Resources Allocation Strategy in National Innovation System
Jianxun Zeng, Yang Zhao and Xiaodong Zhang
Global Exponential Stability of MAM Neural Network with Time-Varying Delays
Ming Wang, Tiejun Zhou and Haiquan Fang
The Application of Neural Networks and Rough Set in Creativity Measurement
Jiayuan Yu
Attitude Determination for Geosynchronous Spin Stabilized Satellites Based on the Revised Blind Signal Separation Algorithm
Nan Li, Yan-jun Li and Yun-yan Zhang
Application of Rotating Machinery Fault Diagnosis System Based on Improved WNN
Huawei Zhang and Hao Pan
Set Pair Inference of Single-and Dual-Domain
Yafeng Yang and Baoxiang Liu
Research and Application of Neural Network Based on Improved BP Algorithm
Zhijun Chen
A Study of Query Translation Using Google Machine Translation System
Dan Wu and Daqing He
Residue Amending Combined BP Prediction Model
Zhe Wang, Zhong-Hua Wang and Li-Fang Kong
The Vibration Parameter Fault Diagnosis Cloud Model for Automobile Engine Based on ANFIS
Li-Fang Kong, Rong-Ling Shi, Tian Zhang and Hao Wei
Data Mining in Building Behavioral Scoring Models
Horng-I Hsieh, Tsung-Pei Lee and Tian-Shyug Lee
An Intelligent Approach of Obtaining Feasible Machining Processes and Their Selection Priorities for Features Based on Neural Network
Guangru Hua, Xiaoliang Fan and Guangru Hua
Research for Group Technology of Components Based on Elman Neural Network
Liang Yang and Ke Gao
Elman Neural Network Model of Traffic Flow Predicting in Mountain Expressway Tunnel
Xin-Sheng Song, Hui Li, Bing-Hua Wu and Ai-Zeng Li
ANN Applications to Storm Surge Predictions in Apalachicola, Florida
Sudong Xu and Wenrui Huang
Mining Frequent Trajectory Patterns from GPS Tracks
Gang Chen, Baoquan Chen and Yizhou Yu
Application of Fuzzy Closeness and Probabilistic Neural Network in Multi-Sensor Fusion
Xiaoguang Xu, Hongda Shen, Youzhu Ling and Lina Shen
Machine Learning for Second Language Learning: Effects on Syntactic Processing in Garden-Path Sentences
Jia-li Du and Ping-fang Yu
Decomposition-Based Consistent Query Answering in Databases with Universal Constraints under Cardinality-Based Semantics
Jianfeng Du, Yi-Dong Shen and Guilin Qi
Reduced Support Vector Machine Based on Margin Vectors
Bo Kong and Hong-wei Wang
A New Effective Heuristic for Solving Minimal Steiner Tree Problem on Graphs
Yan Hu, He Jiang and Zhenquan Qin
Management of Machining Parameters Based on Process Planning Knowledge
Xiaobing Gao and Hua Tao
A Language Based on Fuzzy SHIOQ(D)+Datalog for Fuzzy Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Song Ding, Sheng-Qun Tang, Liang Zhang, Kun Liu and Xue Qin
On the Equitable Total Colorings of Sm V Pn V Pn
Jing-jing Tian
The Research of Chinese Text Proofreading System Model
Yuechuan Luo, Jiufeng Yu and Xianyi Cheng
Automatic Extraction of Course Ontology from Chinese Textbook
Xuefeng Wei, Pingan Dong and Guangzuo Cui
Intelligent Task Mapping Using Machine Learning
Dirk Tetzlaff and Sabine Glesner
Optimization of the Use of Residential Lighting with Neural Network
Cesar A. Hernandez, Ricardo Romero and Diego Giral
Synchronization of Chaotic Systems Controller Design by Neural Networks
Zhe Zhao and Yanling Gao
Multi-Objective Optimization of Double-Folded Yagi Antenna Using Genetic Algorithms
Bin Yuan and Xiu Wang
Short Text Feature Selection for Micro-Blog Mining
Zitao Liu, Wenchao Yu, Wei Chen, Shuran Wang and Fengyi Wu
The Structure of ZCZ Sequences Based on the Almost Perfect Sequence
Zhiwen Chang and Liying Sun
Ramp Rate Constrained Unit Commitment by Improved Priority List and Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization
Weixun Ge
The Fuzzy Measure and Application of a Kind of Circular Fuzzy Number
Jian Han, Sizong Guo and Changli Feng
An Experimental Study on Number of Support Vectors in N-bit Parity Problem
Xun Liang
On an Inverse Problem for Complex Network with Circuit Edges
Lei Wang and Genqi Xu
Application of Simulated Annealing BP Neural Network in Financial Crisis Early Warning
Shuang Pan, Wei kang Yu and Mei ling Gao
A Study on Interval Negotiation Algorithm for Service-Oriented QoS
Xiuzhen Feng and Gaofeng Wu
Face Classification Using Sparse Reconstruction Embedding
Mingjiang Liang, Yu Zhuang and Cheng Cai
Approach to Intuitionistic Fuzzy Clustering Based on Weighted Sample Sets
Yan Chang and Shibin Zhang
Distribution-Estimation Gene Expression Programming
Yanyun Tao, Wenhao Yuan, Jiajun Lin and Minglu Li
Research on Non°™Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement
Bin Ning and Yuchuan Wu
Blog-Based Teaching in Computer Science Education
Yandong Wen, Dongling Shi and Yue Jia
Mining Direct and Indirect Association Patterns with Multiple Minimum Supports
Weimin Ouyang and Qinhua Huang
A Modified PSO Algorithm with Line Search
Guanghui Zeng and Yuewen Jiang
Method of Road Traffic Accidents Causes Analysis Based on Data Mining
Rui Tian, Zhaosheng Yang and Maolei Zhang
Association Rules Applied to Credit Evaluation
Lijuan Shi, Xiu Jing, Xingang Xie and Jiang Yan
Study on Family Relations Reasoning Based on Automated Reasoning
Qiang Ge and Fengbin Zheng
Na?ve Bayes Software Defect Prediction Model
Tao Wang and Wei-hua Li
Multi-Modal Music Mood Classification Using Co-Training
Yongkai Zhao, Deshun Yang and Xiaoou Chen
Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Corrosion-Resistant Properties of PTFE Compounded Fibers
Lei Yang and Xiaowei Fan
Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Ye Gao and Shan Li
The Impact of Explanation Facilities on Decision Support Systems Includes Multiple Knowledge Domains
Zhi Chen and Hongbin Dong
Web Information Extraction Algorithm Based on Ontology and DOM Tree
Li Liu, Junfang Shi and Xinrui Liu
A Random Feature Selection Approach for Neural Network Ensembles: Considering Diversity
Junfei Che, Qingfeng Wu and Huailin Dong
Measurement of Social Network in Synergistic Knowledge Building Environment
Youmei Wang
Serial Number Extracting and Recognizing Applied in Paper Currency Sorting System Based on RBF Network
Li Liu, Yu-tang Ye, Yu Xie and Liang Pu
Research on Supply Chain Management System Modeling Based on Multi-Agent
DongXia Zheng and YuLin Cao
An Novel Optimal PID Tuning and On-Line Tuning Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
Fei Gao, Yibo Qi, Qiang Yin and Jiaqing Xiao
Online Synchronization of Uncertain Chaotic Systems by Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm in a Non-Lyapunov Way
Fei Gao, Yibo Qi, Qiang Yin and Jiaqing Xiao
Speech Recognition Applied in Games
Yue Wang
Overviewing the RDF(S) Semantic Web
Thomas Raimbault
Algorithm for Weighted Hasse Diagram and Its Application
Shuhua Mao
1-D Barcode Localization in Complex Background
Luping Fang and Chao Xie
XVCL-An Annotative Approach to Feature-Oriented Programming
Shengjian Guo, Long Tang and Weiwei Xu
A Study of Acquisition and Transmission of Office File Data on the Mobile Internet
Fang Yang, Nanxi Chen and Mengzhu Hu
Applied Mathematics
Exact Peaked Wave Solutions for Several Types of Dispersion Equations
Ning Zhu and Xuemin Wei
Structural Damage Identification via Modal Data Based on Genetic Algorithm
Jie Li, Bihai Liao, Minshui Huang, Jie Li and Minshui Huang
Research on Authentication Mechanism of Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Certification Authority
Li Zhu and Huaqing Mao
Empirical Research Based on the VaR Model in Risk Measurement of Stock Fund
Xianming Wen, Ye Tan and Ying Xiong
Study on Security Appraise Method of Mining under "Three Bodies" in Mining Area
Bing-chao Zhao and Xue-yi Yu
A General Iterative Method Based on the Hybrid Steepest Descent Scheme for Nonexpansive Mappings in Hilbert Spaces
Ming Tian
Modeling China's Inflation: Linear versus Nonlinear Method
Chunli Wang and Deyi Wu
Uncertain Formal Concept Based on 3-Valued Lukasiewicz Logic
Min Jiang, Jiangqin Xu and Feng Liu
Research and Application of Transparent Encrypting File System Based on Windows Kernel
Shaobo Li and Xiaohui Jia
Assignment and Patrol Strategy for Police Cars Based on Computational Intelligence
Yunlu Gong, Liping Tang, Jiajian Zhang and Ligang Zhou
An Effective Data Fusion and Track Prediction Approach for Multiple Sensors
Songtao Lu, Yufei Ma and Wenhui Yang
The Mouse HRV Analysis Based on Radius of FOD
Hongfei Du, Dehao Liu and Qiang Li
Research on Ant Colony Algorithm for Continuous Function Optimization
Jianping Sun, Jing Tian and Yifang Yuan
Estimation of Structural Reliability for Exponential Strength and Multivariate Exponential Distribution Stress
Xiaoqin Zhang and Yu Wang
Existence of Positive Periodic Solution for Predator-Prey Difference System with r+1 Functional Response and Time Delays
Lie Wang and Siyang Chen
Temperature Analysis of Circular Fin Radiator Based on Ansys
Xiaoying Li and Dengfeng Zhang
Employing Forced Distribution to Determine Permeability Limits between Ranking Levels of Petroleum Reservoir Layers
Chuanfeng Zhao
The Extended Tanh Function Method for the Kink Patterns Solutions of the Kundu Equation
Xinqian Lin and Shengqiang Tang
Reactive Power Control Planning to Increase Voltage Stability Margin
Yunfeng Du and Qi Huang
Interval Algorithm for a Class of Continuous Minimax Problems
Juan Wang and Dexin Cao
Positive Solutions of Impulsive Singular Integro-Differential Equations in Banach Spaces
Jianxin Cao, Haibo Chen and Jin Deng
Shrinking Projection Methods for a Family of Closed and Quasi-Strict Pseudo-Contractions
Xinghui Gao, Kelin Qiao and Lerong Ma
A New System of Generalized Variational Inclusions Involving (H,eta)-Monotone Operators
Lerong Ma, Kelin Qiao and Xinghui Gao
A New Distribution for Extreme Value Analysis
Gemai Chen, Chris Bunce and Wenjiang Jiang
Column-Oriented DWMS Metadata Management Strategy
Sihui Han and Li Sun
Benefit Analysis of Talents Training in the Universities Directly under Chinese Ministry of Education
Qingyun Ren, Ya Zhou and Keqiang Li
Reconstruction of the Exponential Radon Transform with 180°„ Data
Jingwen Wan and Jinping Wang
Modeling and Stability Analysis of a Wave Network with Parallel Edges and Loops
Yaxuan Zhang and Genqi Xu
Jordan Derivable Mappings at Zero Point
Hong-xia Li
N-Pi-Line-Based Image Reconstruction of BPF Algorithms within Standard Spiral Cone Beam CT
Dacheng Li and Jinping Wang
The Crossing Number of Cartesian Products of Stars with 5Vertex Graphs
Xiaonian He
Application of Enhanced Rough Set Approach to the Evaluation of Urban Water Resources Utilization: A Case Study of Beijing
Lvxiang Deng and Bryan Karney
A New Algorithm to Detect Community Structures on Weighted Network
Hua Han, Juan Wang and Hui Wang
The One-Sided M-Bayesian Credible Limits of Reliability Parameters and Its Applications
Ming Han
A Study on AIS Quality Appraisal System Based on Grey Fuzzy Assessment Method
Jun Zhao and Kai Wang
The Evaluation Based on the Advanced Degree of Computer Equipments in Our Library and Solutions
Lin Lin Li
Modeling for the Optimal Arrangement of Providing Phone Service to a "Pseudo US"
Shanghang Zhang
Global Optimal Conditions for Quadratic Integer Problem with Box Constraints
Chunli Liu
Modeling and Simulation of Milkfish Farming and Coral Growth in Bolinao
Shizhe Shen, Cheng Jiang and Daoyuan Zhu
The Necessity of Meta Bias in Search Algorithms
John R. Woodward
A Novel Risk Programming Model for Water Resources Management under Uncertainty
Liguo Shao, Shengji Luan and Ling Xu
Strong Convergence of Modified Mann Iterations by Yamada's Hybrid Method for Strict Pseudo-Contractions in Hilbert Spaces
Ming Tian
The Existence and Uniqueness of Weak Solutions for a Monotone Potential Operator Equation
Cuie Xiao and Yunxiang Li
The Characteristic Invariant Manifolds of the Adjoint System
Xiuli Zhu, Liping Zhao, Yunfei Song, Guan Wang and Lingfei Li
Patrol Cars Deployment Analysis Based on Modified Greedy Algorithm
Jin Zhang, Bing Zhao, Shenghua Chen and Hua Peng
A New Perry Conjugate Gradient Method with the Generalized Conjugacy Condition
Dongyi Liu and Yingfeng Shang
Transactional Batch Processing Model of File Set
Deming Ni, Xiongfei Zeng and Yong Wei
Research on Constructing Telecom Services Domain Ontology
Xiaofeng Li, Hu Peng, Yong Li and Xiuquan Qiao
Distributed Computing
Search Using Semantic Inference in Unstructured P2P Networks
Ning Qian and Guoxin Wu
The Research on Distributed Parallel Optimal Design System of Foundation Pit Engineering
Dong Zhou, Heng Wu, Jia-min Mai, Chen-hui Liu, Tao-shen Li and Qiu-lian Chen
Study on Transient Temperature Field Parallel Computing in Cooling Control Based on a GPU Fourier Method
Liang Wang and Yi-sheng Zhang
Application of Hierarchical Clustering in Tax Inspection Case-Selecting
Xiaoqing Liu, Ding Pan and Shihong Chen
Sensor Placement for Grid Coverage with Probability Mode
Wenzheng Zhang and Chuanlin Zhang
A Parallel Computing Component for Linux Cluster with Threads Binding Supports
Hang Zhou, Xi-min Wang and Ying-Hua Guo
A Service-Oriented Computing Model for Supply Chain Collaboration
Yingbo Wu and Xu Wang
Research and Design on Network Topology Management System of EJB Clustering
Jianlin Zhang and Lin Zhou
Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Cloud Evaluation Method and Its Application on Evaluation of Software Quality
Ai-yan Wu, Li-zhong Lin and Xu-yan Tu
Cloud Computing Research and Security Issues
Jianfeng Yang and Zhibin Chen
Multi-Tenancy Based Access Control in Cloud
Xiao-Yong Li, Yong Shi, Yu Guo and Wei Ma
Mechanism of Body Area Communication Based on Quasi-Electrostatic Field --From a Viewpoint of Electrostatic Induction
Zhonghua Huang, Yinlin Li and Yu Xie
Research on the Model of Grid Marketing Organization
Cheng Yanxia and Li Na
High Performance Matrix Multiplication on General Purpose Graphics Processing Units
Fan Wu, Miguel Cabral and Jessica Brazelton
Development of Integrated Enterprise Application Integration Platform Facing Steel Circulation Supply Chain
Zhexi Yang, Hailiang Huang, Ying Zhao and Yun Chen
A Distributed Spatial Data Sharing and Management System for Forest Farms
Xinwen Yu, Yanchen Yang, Hongyu Liu, Xuan Li and Xu Zhang
Similarity Formation of Groups and Key Management in Dynamic Peer to Peer E-Commerce
Felix Musau and Muhammad Bashir Abdullahi
Parallel Algorithm Study of Overlapping Clouds of Points Method
Xinjian Ma, Junjie Tan, Mu Zhang and Fang Wang
A Low Latency Resource Location Algorithm for Unstructured P2P Networks
Yongqiong Zhu, Ruimin Hu and Luo Fei
Investigation and Application of Parallel Method for Blast Wave Interaction and Detonation
Shusheng Deng, Junjie Tan, Dengfeng Ren and Wei Wu
Watermarking Massive Remote Sensor Images in Parallel
Feipeng Huang, Hui Zhao, Bo Li and Zhenhua Lv
Workload-Based Query Routing Tree Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Yingchi Mao, Xiaofang Li and Yi Liang
Research and Application of Distributed OSGi for Cloud Computing
Hang Chen and Can Cao
Insurance-Based Cloud Computing°™Architecture, Risk Analysis and Experiment
Changli Zhang and Maode Yan
On the Optimization of a Duplicate Document Detection Algorithm Based on SIMD and Document Statistics
X. P. Yuan, J. Long, H. Zhang, Z. P. Zhang and W. H. Gui
An Simulation of MapReduce as a Higher-Order Web Service in Cloud
Desheng Li, Chuanchang Liu, Na Deng, Changbao Li and Junliang Chen
A Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol for Composite Web Services
Wei Zhou and Lina Wang
Study of Cloud Computing Security Based on Private Face Recognition
Chenguang Wang and Huaizhi Yan
Networks and Protocols
An Improved AOMDV Routing Protocol for Internet of Things
Yicong Tian and Rui Hou
Dynamic Data Fusion Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks
Xiaozhou Fang, Shangru Li and Nan Li
Load-Balancing High-Performance Router Testbed Based on OpenFlow and Click
Zhen-kai Wang, Fan Yang, Jian-ya Chen and Yun-jie Liu
A New Random Number Generate Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks
Li Zhu and Huaqing Mao
Research on Reliability Optimization Method for Mesh Network Communication Based on Node Congestion Degree
Ying Zhang, Fengjun Wang and Miao Li
Research on QoS Architecture of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Jun Liu, Ning Ye, Lichun Zhu and Yi Sha
A High Energy Efficiency Link Layer Adaptive Error Control Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yong Jin, Jinyi Chang and Deguang Le
Wireless Sensor Networks Based Highway Disaster Hierarchy Cooperation Monitoring System
Hongwei Peng and Sumin Li
A Conservative Prefix Delegation Policy for Nested Mobile Networks Based on Paging Mechanism
Ruoshan Kong, Jing Feng and Huaibei Zhou
An Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based on Path Tracking Assistance
Yongxiang Zhao and Meifang Li
Travelling Production Line Problem on Digraphs with Parameterized Triangle Inequality
Tongquan Zhang and Ying Yin
Research on the Network Data Stream Conversion Based on Different Specifications of Flow
Shi Dong, Wei Ding and Feng Ding
An Improved DV-Hop Localization Algorithm Based-On Local Area in Nonhomogeneous Density WSN
Dengyuan Xu and Chunxiao Liu
Design of RapidIO User-Level Communication Interface Based on Socket in Real-Time Applications
Ying-hui Ji, Chao Kong and Hui-zhi Cai
Implementation and Configuration of ?BIC: A Bus-Type Independent Communication Interface Ported to Embedded System
Xinquan Zhang and Thorsten Leize
Load Balancing for NGN Core Network Based on P2P Technology
Kai Shuang, YaLi Yan and XiangMing Long
An Improved Mesh Topology and Its Routing Algorithm for NoC
Quansheng Yang and Zhekai Wu
Noise Performance Analysis of Chaotic Coherent CSK Communication System
Chunyan Han and Fengquan Man
The Formal Description of the Protocol and the Design and Implementation of Automatically Generating Protocol Test Suite
Chunmei Hai, Yulan Zhao, Xiaoqing Guo, Chenguang Zhang and Rengaowa Sa
Traffic Network Models Correlated
Cesar A. Hernandez S. and Luis F. Pedraza M.
The Design of RET Control System Based on AISG2.0
Wensheng Li, Yi Lv and Yanming Zhou
Influence of Internet Violence on Adolescents and Its Preventive Strategies
Faqin Ye and Fan Ping
Modeling and Performance Analysis of FC-AE-ASM Which Base on PETRI Net Theory
Bin Liu, Jandong Zhang, Qiming Yang and Dujuan Li
Mobile Phone Communication Based on Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Li Liu, Yu Liu and Xinrui Liu
Information Security
Signature-in-Signature Verification via a Secure Simple Network Protocol
Ming Su, Min Li, Tieniu Gao and Bin Dong
Uniform Test Comparison of ULSI, PMMLCG, GFSRG and Super-Prime Method
Li Zhu and Huaqing Mao
Design and Analysis of a USB-Key Based Strong Password Authentication Scheme
Jiang Yu and Chuan-fu Zhang
Re-Authentication Design for PKMv2 of IEEE 802.16e Standard
Yang Fan and Cai Yi
Optimizing the Improved Barrett Modular Multipliers for Public-Key Cryptography
Yinan Kong
A Combined Prediction Method for Network Security Situation
Dapeng Man, Yan Wang, Wu Yang and Wei Wang
Constructions of Self-Dual Codes over Formal Power Series Rings
Xiusheng Liu, Hualu Liu and Xiaoyan Zhang
Study and Design of Deposit Box Based on Fingerprint Recognition
Wenzhou Liu, ChangQing Cai, Zhuo Zhang and Li Zhang
Key Management Scheme in WSN Based on Property of Circle
Meibo Su, Xiaoyuan Yang, Lixian Wei and Heng Yang
Information Hiding Algorithm Based on Transformation and Image Partition
Gouxi Chen and Min Cao
A Signature System Based on Trust Computing
YaPing Chi, ZhiPeng Li, ZhanZhen Wei and Yong Fang
Design and Efficient FPGA Implementation of Ghash Core for AES-GCM
Tianshan Chen, Wenjie Huo and Zhenglin Liu
Security Model Research and Design of Embedded Trusted Terminal
Sheng-wei Xu, Yong Fang, Ya-Ping Chi and Jin-Ting Zhou
Application of Bayesian Network in the Traceback of Cyber Attack
YiShan Gong and Tao Long
The Formal Analyse of DoS Attack to SIP Based on the SIP Extended Finite State Machines
Chen Zhe and Duan Rong
Identification Technology Research on AES for Automobile Keyless System
Lianhao Liu, Ehoussou Jules, Amir Eddine Youssouf and Yandji Guy Armand
Method to Dynamic Classification of Trust for Web Service Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Clustering
Yan Chang and Shibin Zhang
Trust Model Based on TPM for Network Mobility
Songhua Huang, Jiang Cai, Yi Kan, Heng Wang and Hao Huang
A Digital Fingerprinting Scheme of Digital Image
Dinghui Zhang, Saisai Xu, Yuping Wang, Jianwei Zhang and You Li
A Trust Evaluation Model for Dynamic Authorization
Chao Liu and Lianzhong Liu
Study of Security Mechanisms in Personal Internet Banking - Take China Merchants Bank as an Example
Guoling Lao and Xinwang Wang
A View about Cloud Data Security from Data Life Cycle
Xiaojun Yu and Qiaoyan Wen
An Image Information Hiding Algorithm Based on Three-Coefficient Block Encoding in DCT Domain
Qiudong Sun, Yunfeng Xue, Fangming Zhao and Jiancun Zuo
Software Engineering
Schedulability Test of Partition Scheduling for Integrated Modular Avionics
Ming Wan, Fengming Zhang, Jianguo Nan and Chaohui Bai
Domain-Specific Software Benchmarking Methodology Based on Fuzzy Set Theory and AHP
Haifang Sun, Lizhi Cai, Xiaoqiang Liu, Hui Song, Genxing Yang, Zhenyu Liu and Zhiming Meng
Computing the Fractal Dimension ®C A Global Metrics for Large Software Systems
Giulio Concas, Mario Locci, Michele Marchesi, Roberto Tonelli and Ivana Turnu
Embedded Multi-Physiological Parameter Collecting and Displaying System Based on Windows CE
Peng Yang and Le Sun
Open CNC System Design Based on Multi-Agent Technology
Peng Zhao, Peihuang Lou, Mingdeng Liu and Xing Wu
The Research for Intelligent Comparison Shopping Based on Multi-Agent
Jianfeng Zhu
The Research for Spatial Information Services Based on Multi-Agent
Shaohua Wang
Research on Safe Behavior Adaptation of Software Component
Xiong Xie, Weishi Zhang, Xiuguo Zhang, Zhiying Cao and Jinyu Shi
Research and Implementation of Automatic Business Health-Checking Framework
Juanjuan Wang and Hongyan Zhang
Automated Verification of Goal Net Models
Minh Ngoc Ngo, Zhiqi Shen and Chun Yan Miao
Model-Based Safety Test Automation of Safety-Critical Software
Gang Yu and Zhong wei Xu
The Research and Low-Power Strategy of ZigBee Networking Scheme for Workshop Equipment Monitoring Nodes
Jin Wu, Qiyong Pan and Yihuai Wang
Reliability Evaluation and Allocation of Object-Oriented System Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
Yong Guo, Tiantian Wang, Peijun Ma, Xiaohong Su and Hongtao Zhang
Intelligent Processing Research for Target Fusion Recognition System Based on Multi-Agents
Xia Wu and Yan Zhou
Research for Architectural Graphic Based on Formal Language to Analyze and Understand
Kuancheng Zou and Shanyou Lou
A Data-Driven Software Testing Tools Integration System
Wenming Guo, Xiangling Fu and Jianmei Feng
Recovering Crosscutting Concern from Legacy Software Based on Use-Cases Driven Formal Concept Analysis
Yang Su and Xiao-Zhong Pan
Re-Modularizing Traverse Feature from Various Perspectives in Software Reverse Engineering
Yang Su and Wei-Dong Zhong
The Design and Implement of Open Source License Tracking System
HongBo Xu, HuiHui Yang, Dan Wan and JiangPing Wan
Research on the Experimental Framework of OpenSource Maturity Model
Hongbo Xu, Baiying Wang and Hui Zhang
RB+-Tree and Its Implementation in Column-Stored Data Warehouse
Li Sun and Yule Hu
Publishing Data of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad as Linked Data
Samad Paydar, Mohsen Kahani, Behshid Behkamal, Mahboobeh Dadkhah and Elaheh Sekhavaty
A New Approach for Web Service Composition Based on Semantic
Song Guo
Project Scheduling Problem with Weighted Multi-Skill Resources: Enhancing the Efficiency of Project Scheduling
Fawaz S. Al-Anzi, Khaled Al-Zamel and Ali Allahverdi
Identifier Naming Conventions and Software Coding Standards: A Case Study in One School of Software
Yanqing Wang, Shengbin Wang, Xiaojie Li, Hang Li and Jin Du
Research on the Generating Technology of the Discrete Element Method of 3D Tyre Modeling
Wei Qun and HeLai Zhao
Analysis of Knowledge Service-Oriented Integration of Digital Information Resources
Xiaobo Tang and Qi Pan
Efficient Processing of Databases with Inconsistent Information
Janusz R. Getta
Modeling of Web Geological Database Management System Based on UML
Ya Huang, Jian-qing Lai, Wen-yu Liu, Xian-cheng Mao and Jun-chang Fan
Evaluate Two Software Configuration Management Tools: MS Perforce and Subversion
Hui Yue, Xuan Liu and Shuya Zhao
A Hybrid Software Architecture Evaluation Method for FDD ®C An Agile Process Model
Faria Kanwal, Komal Junaid and Muhammad Abuzar Fahiem
A Recommendation Method of BPEL Activity Based on Association Rules Mining
Na Deng, Junliang Chen, Bo Cheng, Desheng Li and Changbao Li
An Optimized Method of Network Data Transmission Based on TGE
Dawei Chen and Hongmin Tang
Modeling and Analysis of Fault Detection Based on Time Petri Net
Yongbing Wan, Zhongwei Xu, Gang Yu, Meng Mei and Gang Yu
Reinforcement Learning Based Approach for Adaptive Release Planning in an Agile Environment
Parmeet Kaur
Database Modeling of Enterprise Management Information System Based on UML
Jing Yang
Development of Cost Software in Construction Project
Xiao Yong Li
Uncovering the Main Research Themes of Software Validation
Tsung Teng Chen and Wen Hsiu Hsieh
The Third Party Logistics Geospatial Information Services Based on SOA
Wenfeng Zheng, Feng Mao, Wensheng Zhou and Xiaolu Li
A Broker-Based Architecture for Quality-Driven Web Services Composition
S. M. Babamir, S. Karimi and M. R. Shishechi
A Clustering Query Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jun Zeng
Research of Software Configuration Components Classification and Optimal Query
Jing Feng, Liwei Huang and Ye Shen
Application of the Inventory of Biodiversity Information and Social Networking Based Collaboration: An Implementation of Software Framework at Web Application Level
Hsin-Hui Wu, Richard Mayden and Kevin Scannell
An Approach for Modelling Software Product Line Architecture
Yuqing Lin, Huilin Ye and Ge Li
Statistical Testing Based Software Reliability Estimation While Considering Other Knowledge about a Program
Jiong Yan, Chang-Hong Deng and Meng-Luo Ji
A Roadmap Towards the Implementation of an Efficient Online Voting System in Bangladesh
Mohammad Shabbir Hasan, Abdullah Al Mahmood and Quazi Farhan
Research on Software Implementation Method of Matching Propulsion Engine to Propeller
Yi Hu, RuiPing Zhou and JianGuo Yang
The Study of Test Evaluation Method Based on Bank Assessment System
JianBin Song and Fei Huang
Application of Mathematical Statistics in Quality Control of Chinese Traditional Medicine
Yan Fan, Yang Li and Suxiang Liu
The Application of the Most Similar Path Set Based on the Specified Invalid Path in Software Fault Location
Junmin Ye, Yan Zeng, Cong Jin, Jinhua Wang and Lei Xu
Verification of Conceptual Architecture Based on Component
Chao Ji, Qi Chen, Xin He and Guanglei Qi
Using Fuzzy Logic as a Reasoning Model for BDI Agents
Mei Chen and Xiaohui Hu
Using SI-NS Diagram to Normalize the Program Code
Chuangen Si, Ximing Si and Chunjuan Zhang
Research on Hierarchical File System for Embedded Linux
Xiaobo Huang, Mingxue Zhang and Jinping Liu
Pulse Interval Method for Engine's Torsional Vibration Measurement Based on LabVIEW
Rong Zeng, Zhengfeng Jiang and Bin Zhou
Web-Based Learning Platforms Integrating Social Networking for Design Education at High Schools in China
Hao Jiang and MingXi Tang
Developing the Basic Verification Action (BVA) Structure Towards Test Oracle Automation
Dani Almog and Tsipi Heart
Memory Database Index Optimization
Wenming Guo and Zhiqiang Hu
Modeling Traverse Feature in Concurrent Software System with UML Statecharts
Yang Su and Juan-Li Sun
A Multi-View Architectural Model and Its Description and Construction
Chang-ai Sun
Process Support for Requirements Engineering Activities in Global Software Development: A Literature Based Evaluation
Barkha Javed and Sumaira Sultan Minhas
Determinants of Trust in E-Government
Tao Wang and Yunfan Lu
Application of Identical Degree of Set Pair Analysis on Software Refactoring
Long-jie Zhang and Xiao-fang Xie
The Research on Necessity and Plan for Using Extreme Programming in Rational Unified Process
Xiaobo Wu and Chang Ge
Design and Implementation of OGRE-Based Game Scene Editor Software
Li Cai and Zhen Chen
Concern Framework Supporting Aspect-Oriented Software Architecture Design
Linlin Zhang, Kai Zhao and Youcong Ni
Requirement Engineering Practices ®C An Empirical Study
Amjed Tahir and Rodina Ahmad
Investigating Subsumption Relationship on Path Coverage Criteria for Software Architecture Testing
Lijun Lun and Xin Chi
The Application of Ant Colony Algorithm in Web Service Selection
Rongxi Wang, Li Ma and Yanping Chen
Relationship between Testing Criteria for Architecture Configuration Testing Based on Wright Specification
Lijun Lun and Xin Chi
A Requirement Container Model Coupling with Goal and Feature
Yong Zhou
A Precise Dynamic Flaw-Detection Method for Embedded Software
Fagui Liu, Jiaxin Liu, Shengwen Li and Mingming Hou
An Algorithm for Reducing Test Suite Based on Interface Parameters
Liang Zhao and Wenbin Luo
Deployment Planning of Component-Based Distributed Applications Using Mathematical Programming
Qifeng Zhang, Dehong Qiu, Qubo Tian, Lei Sun and Xiu Xu
Flow Field Analysis and Improvement of Automobile Exhaust System Cold End
Xianjun Hou, Xuemin Guo, Zhien Liu, Fuwu Yan and Fuming Peng
Multi-Agent Based Control System for Multi-Microgrids
Guping Zheng and Nanfang Li
Comparative Study of the Algorithms for the Weighted Rectilinear Min-Sum Facility Location Problem
Xiaodong Wang, Lei Wang and Yingjie Wu
Towards Automation in Software Test Life Cycle Based on Multi-Agent
Jingfan Tang
Learning Agents for Storage Devices Management in the Smart Grid
Chengjian Wei, Hengkai Hu, Qinghua Chen and Guang Yang
Research on the Architecture of Multi-Agent System of Ningxia Public Commercial Information Service Platform
Jun Zhao and Lingfeng Liu
Research and Design of Program Abstract Table Based on UML Class Diagram
Hui Gu, Huiying Qian and Hui Wang
Design and Implementation of Distributed Crop Output Potential Model System Based on GIS
Hao Zhang, Hebing Liu, Junping Shang, Qiang Wang, Lei Xi and Xinming Ma
Implementation of Common Genetic and Bacteriological Algorithms in Optimizing Testing Data in Mutation Testing
Mohsen Fallah Rad, Farshad Akbari and Ahmad Javan Bakht
A Novel Evaluation Method for Defect Prediction in Software Systems
Wei Wang, Xuan Ding, Chunping Li and Hui Wang
Reduction Method of Regression Testing Requirements Based on Relation Mode
Jing Chen, Lu Wang, Zhiquan Bai and Yongjie Xu
Research on Data Structure-Oriented Performance of the Expert-Chosen Algorithm
Xin-zheng Sui and Ren-hong Cheng
Multi Agent System to Reduce Malnutrition (MASRM) in Children
Xu Dezhi and Gamage Upeksha Ganegoda
A Software Regression Testing Strategy Based on Bayesian Network
Zhaotan Fang and Haiying Sun
Research on Data Exchange Platform for Power Enterprise Based on ESB
Yaling Wang, Pishi Sun, Wenbin Zhang and Zhanfeng Cao
Research on the Ontology-Based Power Enterprise Data Exchange System
Pishi Sun, Yaling Wang, Jinzhu Zhao and Zhanfeng Cao
Research and Application on the Q-NM Computing Mode
Zhongli Jiang
Research on a Web Services Discovery Model Framework
Yuan-sheng Lou, Xiao Han, Yu Wang and Si-xin Song
Research on Legacy System Reuse in Ningxia Public Business Information Services Platform
Jun Zhao and XiXia Wang
Importance Sampling Based Safety-Critical Software Statistical Testing Acceleration
Jiong Yan, Kun-Peng Zhou, Chang-Hong Deng and Meng-Luo Ji
A Benchmarking Framework for Domain Specific Software
Genxing Yang, Lizhi Cai, Zhenyu Liu, Zhiming Meng, Xiaoqiang Liu and Haifang Sun
A Enhanced Trust Model Based on Social Network and Online Behavior Analysis for Recommendation
Xue Yu and Zan Wang
Using Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making in Evaluation of Software Quality
Ahmad Javan Bakht, Mohsen Fallah Rad and Farshad Akbari
Study on the Application of Agent in Information Grid
Jin-Qiang Ma
An Empirical Study to Discover Patterns for Checking the Matching Pair Property
Kang Gui and Suraj Kothari
Recognition of Hidden Factors in Requirements Prioritization Using Factor Analysis
Seyed Ali Marjaie and Vasundhara Kulkarni
Petri Net Algebras for DES Model Transformation
Jun Li, Xianping Guan and Jianping Dou
Research and Realization of WEB Security Auto-Testing Tool Based on AHP
Rihong Wang, Ying Xu and Ying Xiang
Formal Interface-Component Based Software Analysis and Design
Cui-Ye Song, Cheng-Lie Du and Gang Li
Multi-Standard Compatible Metadata Framework for Geo-Spatial Data
Yufeng Xu, Shengwei Yi, Shilong Ma and Jing Tian
Model-Driven Development in Real-Time Embedded Control Systems: A Case Study
Hui Yue, Quanyu Wang and Yusheng Liu
Review on Construction of Digital Archives in China
Qiuhui Xiao
Finite Element Analysis Technique and Its Application in Numerical Simulation of Woven Fabric
Cui-yu Li, Rui Wang, Cui-yu Li and Rui Wang
Macro-Like Instrumentation Grammar for Boolean Expressions
Zhenyu Zhang, Zhongxing Xu, Zhifang Liu and Xiaopeng Gao
A Cross-Platform Supported Technique for Embedded Software Generation
Huifeng Wu and Lijuan Jin
Regional E-Commerce Model Based on Integration of Logistics
Laiyuan Xiao, Yong Guo and Xiqian Gu
A Negotiation Model and Its Simulation Based on Q-Learning Algorithm
Guoling Lao and Chengkun Zhong
A Overview and Contrast of Current Learning Design Tools
Miao-miao Zeng
Data Access Exception Detecting of WS-BPEL Process Based on Workflow Nets
Kai Lei, Peng Peng Zhang and Bo Lang
Construction of College Students' Informal Learning Model Based on Web2.0
Hu Zhang and Haina Hu
A Global Efficiency Optimization Model of Service Evaluation and Selection
Weining Qian and Weifeng Shi
Evolution of Information System Based on Generalized Entropy Principle
Zhi Qiao and LiHe Chai
SSMP: A Semantic-Based Service Composition Framework for Mobile Publishing
Hejie Chen and Dan Chen
A Queue Theory Based Response Time Model for Web Services Chain
Haifeng Li
An Input-Aware Method of Trace-Based Fault Diagnosis
Lei Mi and Kerong Ben
Distributed Web Services System Research Based on Modular Classification
Jin Zhang, Jun-fei Liu and Guo Li
Cockpit Protection Analysis against High Power Microwave
Jun Huang, Yun-an Hu, Hao-ran Zhang and Yan Jin
An Algebraic Deformation Approach for Moving Grid Based on Barycentric Coordinates
Shuli Sun and Bin Chen
Smoothing Algorithm for Tetrahedral Meshes by Error-Based Quality Metric
Shuli Sun, Haoran Bao and Minghui Liu
Auxiliary Model Based Hierarchical Parameter Estimation Algorithm for SIMO Systems
Yuwu Liao and Lili Xiang
Hydrodynamics Simulation on Axisymmetric Bodies Emerging from an Infinite Moving Plane
Yuxiang Chen and Ye Gao
AML: A Novel Page Replacement Algorithm for Solid State Disks
Hao Zhu, Huadong Dai and Yuejin Yan
Specific Absorption Calculation for Pilot Exposed to High Power Microwave
Jun Huang, Yun-an Hu, Hao-ran Zhang and Yan Jin
An Improved Data Clustering Algorithm for Mining Web Documents
O. H. Odukoya, G. A. Aderounmu and E. R. Adagunodo
The Optimization of Navigation Performance for High-Speed Ship Based on an Improved Parallel Genetic Algorithm
Jun-jie Zhao, Song-lin Yang and Kun Li
The Subdivided Investment Scheduling Problem with Market Lives
Tongquan Zhang and Ying Yin
An Improved Preprocessing Algorithm for the Rational Objective Function Problem with Fixed Scale Subset
Ying Yin and Tongquan Zhang
Determining an Unknown Source in the Heat Equation by a Mollification Regularization Method
Ailin Qian and Yongxin Gui
Numerical Simulations on Mechanism of Compressed-Air Jet Cutting the Soft Formation
Yongguang Zhang, Kun Yin and Lina Cao
A Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ) with Turbo Codes in OFDM System
Lifeng Yang and Zhifang Liao
An Improved Iterative Algorithm for Elliptic Equation
Yang Liu and Liang Zhang
Single Machine Scheduling Problems with Job-Position-Based and Sum-of-Processing-Times-Based Learning Effect
H. W. Wang
Multi-Parent Crossover Algorithm with Discrete Recombination
Dazhi Jiang, Yulin Du, Jiali Lin and Zhijian Wu
Approximate Solution of the Fitzhugh-Nagumo Equation by the Homotopy Analysis Method
Yinshan Yun and Chaolu Temuer
A Matrix-Form LSQR Iterative Method for Solving the Second-Order Sylvester Matrix Equation EXF?+AXF+CX+BY=D
Sheng-Kun Li
Using Matrix-Coded Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling
Guohui Zhang
The Finite Element Collocation Method for 2-D Nonlinear Pseudo-Hyperbolic Equation
Qiang Wang and Bo Wang
Conditions Preserving Polynomial Reproduction for a Class of Quasi-Interpolation
Ronghua Chen, Xuli Han and Zongmin Wu
Particle Swarm Optimization for Vertical Magnetic Dipole Transient Electromagnetic Method 1 Dimension Inversion
Jianhui Li, Ziqiang Zhu, Sihong Zeng and Wenjie Yan
Constrained Least Squares Fitting of Ellipse
YuanPeng Liu and Xiaoyan Dong
The G1-TOPSIS Combination Evaluation Model and Empirical Study on Performance of Equipment Manufacturing Corporations
Yunjiang Geng
Mathematical Models for the Shortest Distance Calculation of Two Points on the Ellipsoid
Xiaoyong Liao
Application of Computer
E-Learning and E-Portfolio for In-Service Secondary Technology Teacher Education on the Chinese Mainland and in Hong Kong
Wei-wei Feng and Kin Wai Michael Siu
SugarAid 0.2: An Online Learning Tool for STEM
Prabhakar Marepalli, Alejandra Magana, Manaz R. Taleyarkhan, Nikitha Sambamurthy and Jason V. Clark
Bidirectional Search Algorithm Based-On Index for Shortest Path Problem
Baolin Yi, Fan Yang, Haiquan Qiao and Chenwei Xu
True Time Based Simulation for Wireless Sensor Network
Chang Chen, Zhenping Li, Ping Song and Kejie Li
Research on the Developmental Management Model of Software Type IT Project
Feng Hui
An Analysis of Comprehensive Benefits of Information Sharing in Construction Supply Chain
Yihua Mao, Jinlai Zhong and Xiaoyan Yu
Application of Moving Horizon Filter for Dynamic Positioning Ship
Furong Liu and Chen Hui
A Mathematica Package for Solving Pseudo-Division Algorithm of Multivariate Polynomial Matrix and Its Application
Guolin Hou and Alatancang Chen
Page-Based Estimation Methodology for Software Project
Guang-Fa Zhang, Qin-Tao Li, Wei-Ying Zhang and Jian Lin
Study on the Evaluation Model of Student Satisfaction Based on Factor Analysis
Jiafeng Xie and Hui Guo
Application Multisim to Virtual Laboratory for Experiment Teaching
Bian Heying, Dai Kejie and Jiang Li
Transform Dual Transition Timed Petri Net into Timed Automaton for Model Checking with UPPAAL
Yigui Luo
Lexical Hedges in English Abstract Writing
He Yang, Jiangqin Xu and Feng Liu
Mind Mapping Based Human Memory Management System
Yan-lei Zhang, Shuang-jiu Xiao, Xu-bo Yang and Lei Ding
The Acceptance of Education Information System: An Empirical Study Based on UAA Model
Yu Zhang, Yan Li, Guirong Zhang and Tingting Zhong
Teaching Thinking Directly-Construction and Practice of Thinking Skills Training Course
Shu Zhao, Guoqing Zhao and Qiong Wang
Evaluation of Teacher's Performance in Independent Colleges Based on AHP and Multi-Level Matter Element Extension Measurement Models
Guangping Hu, Wangao Li and Yahong Li
Study on a Closed-Loop Fire Correction Algorithm in Vehicle Close-In Weapon System
Ziyu Wang, Yuan Zhang and Baizhan Yang
Improvement of the Plants Interaction Model and Simulation on Stand Growth Processes
Shi-bo Liang and Huai-qing Zhang
Fieldbus Device United Integration Architecture
Yu Zhang and Feng Liu
Design and Implementation of Embedded Software for Space Colloidal Crystals Investigation
Hao Yang, Wang Chao, Zhibin Sun, Guangjie Zhai and Ming Li
Research on the Consultation Framework and Content for IT Project Management
Ming Li, XiaoQing Wang and Yao Qian
Police Cars Deployment and Patrol Models
Shaoyong Guo, Xiaojuan Fang, Hui Tong and Lanlan Rui
Instructional Design Practices for Blended Learning
K. S. Cheung, J. Lam, N. Lau and C. Shim
Risk Identification and Evaluation of Weapons Development
Cheng Wang and Huiru Chen
Research on Control Technology of Trajectory Tracking for Robotic Welding
Kekuan Wang, Jianhu Zhang, Bingjie Zhao and Deyu Tang
Research on Resource Integration Competence, Entrepreneurial Orientation and entrepreneurial Performance
Hai-qiong Wu
The Pattern Design in the Interactive Plurastic Teaching with a Network Application
Yang Song and Junhu Tang
Fault Diagnosis Way Based on RELAX Algorithms in Frequency Domain for the Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
Yu Wei and Chao Shi
Designs of Wireless Monitoring Network System of Mill
Cheng Hao, Zhanlin Wang, Zhigang Yang, Jianmin Wang and Ling Yang
Research and Implementation of Fault-Tolerant Computer Interlocking System
GuangWu Chen, DuoWang Fan and JuHua Yang
Research on Autonomous Driving Control Method of Intelligent Vehicle Based on Vision Navigation
Ming Huang, Rui Zhang, Yulin Ma and QingXin Yan
A Fast Generalized Predictive Control Algorithm Based on Toeplitz Matrix
Zaiping Chen, Lan Yu and Enzeng Dong
Educational Functional Analysis of Virtual World: A Case Study on Second Life
Ting Wei
Experimental Study on Anchoring Mechanism of Pre-Stressed Anchor Cable by FLAC3D Numerical Simulation
D. S. Zhang, R. H. Wang, Y. S. Jiang, D. W. Li and G. Lin
Extension and Implementation of SMP2 under Service-Oriented Architecture
Chao Wang, Lili Song, Qun Li and Weiping Wang
New Approach to Enhance Composition Writing: The Application of Corpus-Based Data Driven Learning
Kun Yang and Mei Li
An Online Virtual Practical Platform for Adult Education
Jun Chen, Zuyuan Wang and Lianbao Yang
Influencing Factors on College English Classroom Teaching Effects Based on Factor Analysis
Fangli Sun
A Reducing Transmission-Line Fault Current Method
Huiyong Xu
Using Mind Maps as a Strategy for Vocabulary Acquisition in Chinese Universities
Mei Li, Kun Yang and Hai Chen
Study of Multi-Mission Management Technology on the TT&C Network
Jun Liu, Jing Li and Jia Chi Jiang
Design of Digital Speed Control System of Brushless DC Motor Based on the MCS-80C196KC
Zhijun Jiang, Peng Guo and Mingfa Wang
Real Time Inverse Control of Rolling Mill Hydraulic APC System Using PSO-IIR Filters
Xia Yu, Jian-chang Liu and Hong-ru Li
An Improved Car-Following Model Car with Leading Acceleration Considered
Lijuan Liu, Ning Zhang, Di Chen and Jian Liu
The Effect of Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance on Performance: Evidence from China
Jianbo Niu and Shengnan Li
A Tale of Two Tails: Using Options to Forecast the Movement of Stocks
Robert Elliott, Philip Chang, Wenjiang Jiang and Han Zhang
Finding Ground States of Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Spin Glass by Modified Extremal Optimization
Guo-Qiang Zeng, Yong-Zai Lu and Wei-Jie Mao
Capacity of Urban Road Unsignalized T-Intersection
Ai-Zeng Li, Xiang-Hong Song, Xin-Sheng Song and Bing-Hua Wu
An Experimental Study on the Decision-Making of Internal Supply Chains in Group Corporations
Yan Tong, Xiaoke Cheng and Xiaotong Xiong
The Environmental Fates and Risk Assessment of N-nitrosodimethylamine
Qi-li Liao and Li Wang
Optimize Transition Stages of the Integrated SPC/EPC Process Using Neural Network and Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
Ying Shi
Investment Game Analysis of Context Awareness Service Value Chain under the Case of No Dominant Enterprise
Jianxiang Li, Yinan Lv, Hongying Lei and Xuedong Zhu
Flow Field Simulation and Experimental Evaluation of Carbon Canister Based on FLUENT
Xianjun Hou, Xin Liu, Zhien Liu, Fuwu Yan, Shouli Yuan and Xue Jin
KYZB Paradox of ¶§~Numerical Analysis in Gas Turbine
Xiaomei Liu, Gang Zhou, Yonghong Wang and Weirong Sun
A Novel Automatic Switched Chaotic Model for Generating Complex Chaos
Fengquan Man, Chunyan Han and Tantong Zhang
Mathematical Model of Fluid Exchange between Reservoirs and Hydraulic Fractures and Its Application
Rui Shen and Wei Xiong
A Contingency Model for Large Ceremony Based on Petri Net
Xiangdong Kang, Xiangdong Kang, Yi Liu, Xin Zhang and Nan Yan
CFD-Based Simulation Analysis of Indoor and Outdoor Ventilation Environment
XiaoFeng Li, Junqing Zhou, Jun Shao and Qian Zhang
Simulation on Harmonic Spectrum of Inverter Output Voltage Based on MATLAB
Shihong Wu, Yi Wang, Shengcun Gao, Jianwei Ji, Rui Huang and Dan Guo
Praat Software and Its Application to Analyze Sound Acquisition in Mandarin Chinese
Xinlu Yang and Jie Liang
B/S Model Management-Control Intergration System Based on OPC Technology
Weilin Li, Junying He, Hairui Wang and Haicun Li
Inquiry into the Content Designing Strategy of Educational
Game Zhe Xu and Yi Zhang
Remote Laboratory Allowing Full-Range Student-Designed Control Algorithm
Dongyun Wang, Hui Gao and Kai Wang
Optimality and Recursive Algorithm of General Least Squares Estimator of Seemingly Unrelated Linear Regression Models
Wenke Xu, Fengri Li and Fuxiang Liu
Learning Motivation of University Students: Difference Analysis and Countermeasure Research
Ling Ma, Miao Zhang and Lina Yu
Research on Boundary Treatment of Simulation on the Free Surface by SPH Method
Kai Sun and ShangWei Liu
A Network-Based Arrange System for Music Education
Tenghe Ao and He Meng
Are China Stock Markets Efficient after the Global Financial Crisis?
Jingsi Zhang and Fei Teng
Embedding Interactivity into a University Study Portal by Using Social Computing
Irina Todoran
A Study of Primary Children Learning Communication Skills by Making Cartoon Film
Liangzhong Ying, Peter Blanchfield and Rebecca Stone
Analysis on the Work Art and Abilities of Administration Staff in Chinese Universities
Bin Yu and Huimin Liu
Assessment of Inquiry-Based Learning Geographic Course - A Case Study of "GIS Introduction"
An Zhao, Fangmei Xie, Jing Zhu, Qiqiang Tang, Ganggang Zhang, Lixia Xiong and Jiangli Gong
Simulation and Evaluation of the Performance of FSR Routing Protocols Based on Group Mobility Model in Mobile Ad Hoc
Junxia Ding
MSP430-Based Anti-Leakage Diversion Alarm System of High-Pressure Syringe
Zheng-dong Li, Lin Chen, Hai-tao Li, Ming-bo Ren and Xi Wang
Fast 3D Modeling Chinese Ancient Architectures Base on Points Cloud
Lailiang Cai, Kan Wu, Qian Fang and Ruyu Zheng
Movement Simulations in Manufacturing the Milling Machine Spindle
Hongxia Liu and Junwei Cheng
Research on Scale and Technology Innovation Capability of Listed Automobile Enterprise
Xia Li
Virtual Prototyping Technology for Marine Power System
Tianshui Li, Fanming Zeng and Jinlin Liu
Modeling and Simulating for Bomber Air Turret System
Baizhan Yang, Yuan Zhang, Haiguang Rui, Youdong Li and Yongde Xiao
Research on the Contents and Methods of IT Project Auditing: A Lifecycle Approach
Ming Li, Xiaoqing Wang and Hui Cai
The Design and Implementation of Plantation Structure Adaptive Simulation
Xian Jiang and Huai-qing Zhang
Design of General and Digital Simulation Software for Close-In Weapon System
Weijuan Ma, Yuan Zhang, Jixin Duan, Baizhan Yang and Jianhua Huo
Role Based Access Control for Web-Based Teaching Systems
Chun Ruan and Seyed Shahrestani
A Novel Program for Shunt-Stub Impedance Matching with MatLab GUI
Qiang Sui, Lin Li, Kai Wang and Xiaodan Pan
Hardware Implementation
A Reconfigurable Multi-Mode Architecture for Reed-Solomon Codec
Si-Wei Tan and Hong-Bing Pan
A Kind of Improved Drive Interface Circuit for AMOLED
Lei Zhang, Huaxia Wu, Juntao Hu, Yong Fu, Guoqiang Lv, Lei Zhang, Huaxia Wu and Guoqiang Lv
High-Speed Error-Correction for Leading Zero/One Anticipator
Ling-hao Li, Zhi-biao Shao and Li Wang
A New Virtual-Address-Mapping Mechanism for Low-Energy I-Cache
Quansheng Yang and Hailong Li
A New Way of Generating Actuating Signals for Fuze Board
Yongling Tao, Shaowei Chen, Yingying Wei and Baizhan Yang
Memory-Efficient Architecture for Fast Two-Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform
Xin Tian, Jiaolong Wei and Jinwen Tian
Image and Graphics
An Algorithm of Adaptive Sub-Band Coding for SAR Image Based on Wavelet Transform
Ying-lei Cheng, Yong-le Li, Ji-da Sun and Xiao-chun Li
Simplified Directional Mode Selection for H.264/AVC Intra Mode Decision
Kun Ouyang, Changnian Chen and Jiazhong Chen
Fusion Model and Method for High Resolution Optical Imagery Considering Spectral Characteristic
Zhongwu Wang, Shunxi Liu, Qingqing Huang and Jian Yang
Camera Calibration Based on Polynomial Fitting
Guoquan Jiang and Cuijun Zhao
The Key Technologies of Component-Based Surface Warfare Scene Simulation System
Linhai Yao, Fengju Kang, Sen Zhang, Hong Han, Linhai Yao, Fengju Kang, Sen Zhang and Hong Han
Open GL-Based Conceptual Models and Algorithms for Visualization of Three-Dimensional Fracture Networks and Flow Paths
Huamei Liu and Mingyu Wang
Blending of Varying Parametric Surfaces
L. H. You, X. Y. You and Jian J. Zhang
Curvature Continuity Solid Blending
L. H. You, X. Y. You and Jian J. Zhang
Bitmap Edge Detection Method and Improvement
Huaqing Mao and Li Zhu
Converting a Triangular B®¶zier Patch into a Combination of Triangular and Rectangular Patches
Huayong Liu, Lu Li and Daming Zhang
Face Recognition Using Local Gabor Phase Characteristics
Yanxia Jiang and Bo Ren
The Edge Detection Operators and Their Application in License Plate Recognition
Lejiang Guo, Yahui Hu, Ze Hu and Xuanlai Tang
The Summary on Description of Spatial Relation in Image
Yuechuan Luo, Hua Yan and Xianyi Cheng
An Improved Method for Research on Image Edge Detection
Zeyuan Gu
A Modified Homomorphism Filtering Algorithm for Cloud Removal
Xia Wang, Minmin Li and Hongmei Tang
Scheduling Policy Optimization in Kernel-Based Virtual Machine
Tao Ding, Qin-fen Hao, Bing Zhang, Tie-gang Zhang and Li-ting Huai
Interactive Real-Time Visualization for Large-Scale Spatial Datasets Based on OptIputer
Rui-peng Tong and Di Zhao
Fast Fractal Coding Based on Dividing of Image
Yancong Yang and Ruidong Peng
Research on Three-Dimensional Simulation of Tree's Morphology Based on Tree-Crown Growth Model
Min Liu, Huai-qing Zhang and Kang-ning Lu
Color Image Coding Based on Hexagonal Discrete Cosine Transform
Silin Mang, Ping Fu, Aijun Sang and Xin Zhao
The Optimization of Xen-Based Display Virtualization
Fagui Liu, Gang Wu and Ran Xie
Application of Genetic Algorithms in Remote Sensing Image Processing
Dongjian Xue, Zhengwei He, Xiaojie Chen and Xuefeng Zhang
Expansible Architecture for Distributed Combat Visual Simulation System
Sen Zhang, Fengju Kang, Yanjun You, Linhai Yao and Hong Han
Research on Chinese Character Height Model of Guide Signs Based on 3D Technology and Information Processing Characteristics of Chinese Drivers
Kai Huang, Heng Wang and Jianjuan Tang
Oil Analysis Cost-Effective Compressor Condition Monitoring Technique
Jie Li
A Pairwise Distances Based Visualization System for Information Retrieval
Guiyang Su, Wei Feng and Yinghua Ma
Recognition Workpiece Based on BP Neural Network
Shi-xiang Tian and Sheng-ze Wang
A Multi-Precision Partial KD Tree Index Based on Database
Jian-si Yang, Ya-ling Cai and Peng Lin
Research on Augmented Reality System Based on Monocular Vision
Hai-yang Ding
Feature Based Sequence Image Stitching Method
Yihua Lan, Haozheng Ren, Cunhua Li, Xuefeng Zhao and Zhifang Min
Research on Desktop Virtual Reality in Genetic of Bacteria and Viruses
LiPing Wang, JiuHong Wei, DongMei Yan and YouWei Wang
Edge Detection Based on Least Mean Square Filter and Mathematical Morphology
Yuanmei Wang and Tao Li
The Research of Digital Image Quality Evaluation Method for Beef Tenderness
Jian Wang and Guo-min Zhou
Triangle Tiles Reconstruction from Complex Contours Based on Drill Data
Xian-cheng Mao, Wen-fa Shan, Xiao-qin Lu and Zhi-qiang Xu
A Model Based on Java regarding the Application of Visual Identity Elements in Apparel Design
Li Li, Yezhe Wu and Xiaogang Liu
Fast Clear Single Underwater Image
Yan Wang and Bo Wu
Improved Intra-Prediction Mode Selection Algorithm for H.264
Yaxiong Fu, Guofan Liu and Lingli Zhu
The Application of Image Edge Detection in Matching Region Selection of Underwater Terrain-Aided Navigation
Jian Shen, Jingyuan Zhang and Xuan Luo
Computer-Assisted Color Database For Trend Forecasting
Wen Gu and Xiaogang Liu
Segmenting Internal Brain Nuclei in MRI Brain Image Using Morphological Operators
D. Selvaraj and R. Dhanasekaran
A Block Motion Compensation Fast Algorithm Designed for RV40 Codec
Han Yu, Yue Yang, Sujuan Liu and Jianxin Chen
Research of Real-Time Algorithm for Chestnut's Size Based on Computer Vision
Zhiqiang Zhang, Zhiyou Niu, Jiajia Yu and Chuanzhen Guo
A Contour-Based Method on Image Retrieval
Minqing Zhang, Xiaonan Chen, Xiaoyuan Yang and Juanli Sun
A Multi-Level Scene Matching Algorithm Based on Adaptive Polar Transform
Baoquan Lei, Yanjun Fu, Yongmei Cheng and Quan Pan
BaryLayout: A Simple Algorithm for Fast Drawing Large Graphs
Yonghe Zhang and Yanyan Li
Research on Tree Growth Models and Visual Simulation Technology
Kang-ning Lu, Huai-qing Zhang, Min Liu and Kang Chen
Moving Object Segmentation Algorithm Based on Edge Detection
Ping Wang
Cunninghamia Lanceolata Three-Dimensional Modeling Technology Based on IFS Fractal Algorithms
Kang Chen, Huai-qing Zhang, Min Liu and Kang-ning Lu
The Improved Moving Object Detection and Shadow Removing Algorithms for Video Surveillance
Yunyi Liu and Zhiyan Bin
A Simplified Image Recognition Algorithm Based on Simple Scenarios
Hongtao Huang
Other Related Topics
Optimization Design of Offshore Platform Pipe-Making Workshop
Yanhua Hu, Chunrun Li, Li Zheng and Zhijian Wang
A Countermeasure Study on the Universities' Majors Setup and Reform of Management System
Huimin Liu and Bin Yu
The Design and Implementation of Prediction and Early Warning System Based on Business Management and Control
Shuhua Xu
A Sharing Platform Based on the Internet of Things
Zhongliang Deng, Bin Xu and Ning Li
Research on Stand Visualization Based on Individual Gap Model
Fei Peng and Huai-qing Zhang
p-Quasi Martingale Transforms
Fuju Zhai
Research on Partnership Evaluation and Selection in Supply Chain Management
Song Hu and Lei Xiao
Existence of Nonoscillatory Solutions of First Order Neutral Delay Dynamic Equation on Time Scales
Guanghui Liu and Lanchu Liu
An Analysis of Disciplinary Variation in the Structure of Research Article Introductions
Ping Han, Zhengyu Zhu and Qingqing Wei
Analysis of the Construction of Virtual Leaning Community Based on the Autonomous Learning Model
Jinrong Zhou and Xia Zou
Research on Dynamic Evaluation Model of Environmental Capacity in Reservoir Resettlement Area
Chengyun Wang, Jiajun He, Chengyun Wang and Jiajun He
Existence of Positive Solutions for System of Delay Difference Equations
LanChu Liu
Research on the Protection for E-Commerce Business Method Patents
Ying Xu and Jie Jiang
Study and Application of Service Robot Positioning Technology Based on Visual System
Huahu Xu, Xiang He, Kai Chen and Jue Gao
Study for the Analysis and Improvement of Experiment Teaching Mode
Ying Lin, Sha Chen, Liang Yuan and Yong Liu
Centralized DEA Model with Interval Data
XiangYang Sun and Yiwen Bian
Assessing Business and IT Alignment in Educational Organizations
A. J. Gilbert Silvius and Benny de Waal
From XML Schema to Relations: A Incremental Approach to XML Storage
Yufeng Xu, Shilong Ma, Shengwei Yi and Yizhou Yan
Using Extended Letter-to-Sound Rules to Detect Pronunciation Errors Made by Chinese Learner of English
William Yang Wang, Lan Wang, Chongguo Li and Yajuan Huang

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