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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
SCI Compendex
ISSN : 13845810
This comprehensive textbook on data mining details the unique steps of the knowledge discovery process that prescribe the sequence in which data mining projects should be performed. Data Mining offers an authoritative treatment of all development phases from problem and data understanding through data preprocessing to deployment of the results. This knowledge discovery approach is what distinguishes this book from other texts in the area. It concentrates on data preparation, clustering and association rule learning (required for processing unsupervised data), decision trees, rule induction algorithms, neural networks, and many other data mining methods, focusing predominantly on those which have proven successful in data mining projects.

Journal of Computer and System Sciences
SCI Compendex
  • Complexity theory
  • Algorithmic Complexity
  • Parallel & distributed computing
  • Computer networks
  • Neural networks
  • Computational learning theory
  • Database theory & practice
  • Computer modeling of complex systems
ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems
SCI Compendex
ISSN: 01640925
  • language design for sequential and parallel programming
  • programming language implementation
  • programming language semantics
  • compilers and interpreters
  • runtime systems for program execution (NOT LIMITED)
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology
SCI Compendex
Topics: Accounting for Defect Characteristics in Evaluations of Testing Techniques; A Logical Verification Methodology for Service-Oriented Computing; Type Checking Annotation-Based Product Lines; Verification and Validation of UML Conceptual Schemas with OCL Constraints
ACM Transactions on Computer Systems
SCI Compendex
ISSN: 07342071
Topics: design of entire systems ; design of system components technology shifts; processor management engineering trade-offs; security storage management; file systemssystem-user interface; communication management; protocols reliability; data organization implementation techniques; fault tolerance system validation; information flowperformance models (NOT LIMITD)

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