Hugo de Garis
Xiamen University, China

Prof Dr. Hugo de Garis has recently (partially) retired. He was formerly Director of the Artificial Brain Lab (ABL) at Xiamen University, China, building China's  first artificial brain. His job will be taken over by Prof Ben Goertzel, the father of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Prior to that he taught pure math and mathematical  physics topics related to Topological Quantum Computing (TQC) at the International Software School (ISS) of Wuhan University. Prior to that he was an associate professor of computer science at Utah State University, in the US. Prof  de Garis is now studying intensively PhD level pure math and theoretical physics to be able to write books on the principles of TQC and a possible femto(meter)tech(nology). Together with Ben Goertzel, he guest edited recently the planet's first special  issue on the topic of "Artificial Brains" for the Neurocomputing journal. Prof de Garis is  currently writing the planet's first text  book on Artificial Brains for World Scientific. His first book was on the topic of massively intelligent machines, and  his second book was on the rise of a global state this century. Over the next two decades,  Prof de Garis plans to write about a dozen books on technical and socio-political themes.

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